Your website is your primary internet marketing tool for your business. If you are looking for the right company for search engine optimization (SEO), Create The Net has a leg up on the competition. SEO strategies need to target the visitors that are most interested in your product and services. Otherwise, your website will not perform as well as it should.

An essential element in internet marketing is optimizing your site for search engines so that you have a high search engine ranking. Without a high search engine ranking, your potential customers are lost to the competitors enjoying the benefits of being in the top search engine positions, the place you need to be.

Most Sydney companies realise that they need to have a website, but they don't know how their site is being used by current customers and what they can do to be found by the potential customers. At Create The Net, we analyse your market and create SEO strategies that works for you.

Create The Net studies your industry and target audience to learn what keywords are used, we also analyse you competition to see what keywords they use to place them at the top of search engine rankings. Keyword analysis is the first stage of optimisation and it is the most important factor in search engine rankings.

Create The Net’s website monitoring is also essential in measuring the effects of your marketing strategy and tactics. By knowing how your website performs before and after a particular change in your SEO campaign, you’ll know exactly how successful the strategy was. You’ll have website marketing statistics to back up your marketing efforts, from price changes and e-mail campaigns to a website redesign or keyword optimization.

An essential key in knowing your website’s performance is the statistical analysis of your web-site traffic, also known as website metrics. Tracking your website’s visitors is not enough. Analysing the website marketing statistics provided by website tracking tools to understand the holes in your Sydney SEO campaign is what makes tracking visitors worth your time.

By knowing the specifics of your site’s visitors, we can tailor your SEO to Sydney customers especially to best serve your target audience. We can easily use this statistics to gauge your website’s success.

Your website marketing statistics and potential customers behaviour are what we use to prepare your website's SEO plan to increase your site’s traffic and target your potential customers more cost-effectively. Create The Net SEO helps you create a search engine friendly website with minimum cost.

By tracking visitors, we know how well your site is capturing your target audience and also we get specific website marketing statistics on your site’s visitors. It answers the questions such as:

Without proper analysis of the data, the website metrics are pointless. At Create The Net, we use the data to figure out what your web site can be doing to take full advantage of the power of SEO. From the analysis, we know what an effective web strategy is for your business.

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